Go Slow coffee break- Yoga for hip replacement

When you learn to waltz for the first time it is natural to start by taking each step deliberately and slowly. This is how our brains and bodies learn new things. This slow patterning builds neural pathways so that after awhile, the movement becomes second nature and the hesitant 1…2…3… step begins to flow and off we go to the Blue Danube.

Moving slowly and mindfully after total hip replacement reinforces healthy habits that ensure the safety and longevity of our new hips. Before total hip replacement the action of bending over to pick up a pencil off the floor or doing a standing forward fold (uttanasana) in yoga may have been a move you did without thinking about it. The movement was second nature. A total hip replacement introduces a whole new set of considerations for moving into a position like a forward fold and it is important to learn new movement patterns and create new neural pathways for the safety of the hips.

Moving slowly in your yoga practice gives you the opportunity to keenly watch and feel, and to make modifications as needed to respect your new hips. Yoga for Hip Replacement emphasizes slow and deliberate movement and reinforces healthy movement patterns so you can feel confident as you move back into your regular yoga classes or as you return to your everyday activities.

So, take your time, pay attention, calm your mind, and change your brain!

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