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“I’m incredibly impressed by your dedication and creativity …. This is a wonderful resource for any patient looking to get back to an active and healthy lifestyle!” – Dr Navin Fernando, MD, FRCS(C), Associate Professor, Adult Joint Reconstruction, Dept. of Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine, University of Washington

Elizabeth’s decades of teaching experience has created an oasis of healing for those preparing for or recovering from hip replacement surgery. I’ve always admired Elizabeth’s down to earth, well researched and practical approach to teaching yoga. With her own experience of hip replacements she shares personal insights alongside the powerful healing techniques of yoga. I highly recommend anyone seeking a specific understanding of how to use yoga for healthy hips, to take advantage of Elizabeth’s website for a trove of enlightened teaching.  – Kathryn Payne

“This is wonderful, Elizabeth. I’m sure many people will benefit from your skilled application of yoga practices for recovery from hip replacement surgery.”  – Andra DeVoght, PT, MPH, Insight Physio

“… [Yoga for Hip Replacement] is so comprehensive and thorough. Thank you for providing this for people. It is going to benefit so many.”  – Karen Hain, LAc, LMP, MAcOM

“Yoga for Hip Replacement is an invaluable resource for anyone pre- or post-hip replacement … with concise videos that are easy to follow and support you on your path to recovery.” – Kelly Straight, Owner of The Recess Lab & Straight on Strength, LLC,  Certified Personal Trainer, Athletics, Rehab

“I LOVE your website and teaching. You are clear, smooth, and reassuring. I did the Warrior II class. I hadn’t experienced before how reaching my arms wide automatically turned my torso into the coronal plane. I also appreciate your incremental approach that emphasizes alignment even when the legs are not wide apart. I haven’t had a hip replacement but I still feel how each movement, even the pelvic tilts, strengthens the hips and muscles that support them. Thank you!” – Amy Huggins, Yoga Teacher, Co-Chair of the Music Mends Minds Global Board. YHR Member.

“Thank you so much for providing Yoga for Hip Replacement. It is a wonderful resource for recovering hips.” – C.M. YHR member

“Really a necessary part of recovery for hip replacement. I’m hoping she’ll do a shoulder replacement program in a future offering. Elizabeth has the heart of a real healer.” – J. M., YHR Member

“After signing up for the Lifetime package, I’m a firm believer that Elizabeth knows exactly what she is doing. Her understanding of anatomy and yoga make her the perfect teacher to getting you back on the road to a healthy, PAIN FREE life! 5 stars” – V. W., YHR Member

“Elizabeth is a knowledgeable, experienced yoga professional who does a wonderful job explaining the poses, starting with the basics, to give you a stable foundation from which to begin or continue your yoga practice after hip surgery. I felt more flexible after just one session.  Thank you, Elizabeth.” – B. M. YHR Member

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The World is Your Mat: Take advantage!

Before total hip replacement our bodies are often limited in the kinds of movement they able to do. It can be difficult, if not impossible, to get down on the floor, to balance, or to bend like we did before the THR journey started. Following THR surgery, your surgeon...

Safe Stretching After Hip Replacement

Total hip replacement introduces a new set of considerations for stretching in yoga. Your range of motion may be different following your surgery. Your surgeon may have given you restrictions on your movement which will limit the kinds of poses you will be able to do....

Infection and Total Hip Replacement: No thank you!

Infection after total hip replacement can be a serious complication, it is worth understanding why and how infections occur. Here is some general information on how they arise, what you can do to avoid them, and the treatment for them if they do happen. First, the...

Listen to Your Hands

While going through total hip replacement we want tools at our disposal to support the journey both on and off the yoga mat. Blocks, bolsters, walkers, canes, and other devices help but one of the best supports is our hands! Think of the kinds of subtle information...

Hip Dysplasia – Taking Care

Hip dysplasia in adults is a condition where the hip socket (acetabulum) is shallower than normal with the result that the ball (femoral head) can move around more easily in the hip socket. For us yogis this can present a bit of a quandary. Hip dysplasia usually...

Which Yoga Poses are Safe Following Total Hip Replacement?

The short answer is all yoga poses are safe for total hip replacement if you get creative and shift your thinking about what a pose should look like. The benefits of practicing yoga are rooted in awareness and focus. The shape of a pose will end up being different for...

Healing from Total Hip Replacement and how yoga can help.

Practicing yoga will help you heal after total hip replacement (THR). Studies show that people with bone fractures who practice pranayama (yoga breathing) and intentional relaxation (restorative yoga) experience accelerated bone healing and a reduction in pain,...

Go Slow – Build New Neural Pathways

When you learn to waltz for the first time it is natural to start by taking each step deliberately and slowly. This is how our brains and bodies learn new things. This slow patterning builds neural pathways so that after awhile, the movement becomes second nature and...