Yoga Basics

Yoga Basics is the place to start

Yoga Basics classes present fundamental yoga principles that will help you to take charge of the health and safety of your total hip replacement right from the start. Learn tips and tricks that will set you on the right course toward healthy and happy hips!

Whether you are preparing for, or recovering from total hip replacement…

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  • Reinforce healthy movement patterns
  • Identify and strengthen key muscles that stabilize your hips
  • Learn principles of alignment in poses for the safety of your hips
  • Practice ways to modify poses and to use props
  • Learn basic breathing and relaxation techniques to help cope with stress and pain

Video Previews

Mountain Pose / Tadasana / Samasthiti Preview

Video length: 17:32
Props: 1 yoga mat
Access: 1-Week Free Trial & Members

Standing is an everyday activity. In yoga we make it a mindful practice by bringing a focus to alignment, muscular strength, and a cultivation of ease. Some consider Mounain Pose the launchpad for all other standing poses and it is a perfect place to start for total hip replacement because it establishes principles that support our hips as we move forward in our practice.

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  • Learn alignment of bones.
  • Wake up muscles that stabilize the hips.
  • Find a balance between effort and ease.

You might find that once you practice Mountain Pose you may never stand the same again!

Chair Pose / Utkatasana Preview

Video length: 20:27
Props: 1 yoga mat
Suggested viewing: Mountain Pose/Tadasana
Access: 1-Week Free Trial & Members

Chair Pose/Utkatasana is a Bionic Yogi’s best friend. It is an all-around hip strengthener and stabilizer, plus it is easy on the hips. This makes Chair Pose one of the best and most accessible poses for total hip replacement.

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  • Learn proper alignment in the pose
  • Practice at various levels
  • Tune in to body sensation
  • Make your body stronger

Do this pose daily – at your kitchen counter, on your mat, in the grocery line – and it will serve you well!

Feet, Legs, and Pelvis in Open-Hip Poses Preview

Video length: 22:55
Props: 1 yoga mat, 1 pair of socks & slippery floor, 1 chair.
Suggested viewing: Mountain Pose/Tadasana, Chair Pose/Utkatasana
Access: Members

Open-Hip Poses are well suited to total hip replacement because they build strength and stability for the hips while at the same time maintaining their flexibility.

Because they involve a variety of complex movements, for total hip replacement it is important to be mindful of the correct positioning of the feet, legs and pelvis in order to protect our new hip.

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  • Practice ways to strengthen muscles that support the hips.
  • Learn correct positioning of the feet, legs, and pelvis.
  • Reinforce “taking it in stages” and “listening to your body.

Corpse Pose / Savasana Preview

Video length: 23:50
Props: Floor: 1 yoga mat, 2 blankets, 1 bolster. Couch, relciner, or bed: 2 blankets, 1-2 bolsters.
Access: 1-Week Free Trial & Members

Corpse pose is a restorative pose. In a typical yoga class we practice active poses which strengthen, stretch, and invigorate our body, nervous system, and mind. Restoratives have an opposite effect by calming and soothing the system. Practicing restorative poses such as Corpse Pose builds our resiliency for coping with pain and with stressors that come with surgeries like THR.

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  • Warm-up with gentle movement either on the floor or in a chair.
  • Learn how to position your body on the floor or on a couch.
  • See how to use props.
  • Practice intentional relaxation for body, nervous system, and mind.

Corpse Pose and other restoratives are beneficial for any yoga practice but essential for THR!

More Titles in Yoga Basics

Getting Down to and Up from the Floor (25:17)

Access: Members

There are many reasons in everyday life for being able to get down to and up from the floor – like being able reach under the couch for the dog’s ball or lying on the park grass to watch the local band.… In yoga it is common to use the floor for yoga poses and for relaxation practices. In this session learn two very practical ways to get down to the floor and back up again.

Forward Fold / Uttanasana (24:09)

Access: Members

A Forward Fold is satisfying because of the feeling of deep stretch that we get through the whole back of the body. For total hip replacement it is important to take your time with this pose, move slowly, and with mindfulness. The pose takes the hips into deep flexion (beyond 90° in the full pose). This is why, especially for THR, strength is important to stabilize the hips as we go deeper.


Sitting in a Kneeling Position / Vajrasana (11:54)

Access: Members

Sitting on the floor for a quiet moment is a common way to start a yoga practice. Sitting in a kneeling position, or in vajrasana is an accessible option for total hip replacement and for anyone not yet ready to sit crossed-legged because it puts very little stress on the hips.

Downward Facing Dog / Adho Mukha Svanasana (39:52)

Access: Members

Downward Facing Dog is a staple in most yoga practices. It can be a satisfying pose because if you get the alignment right, it becomes a stable and sustainable place to pause on your way to other poses. For THR, while it stretches and strengthens leg muscles that support the hips, it also builds core and upper body strength.

Principles of Twisting (38:10)

Access: Members

There are many kinds of twists in yoga. The common thread in all twists is the spiral in the spine. For THR it is important to make the distinction between twisting in the spine vs. compensating with the hip joints. When your hips are safe and the spine is the main player in the twist, that’s when it feels really good!

Upward Facing Dog / Urdhva Mukha Svanasana (00:00)

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Sitting in a Crossed-Leg position

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Boat Pose / Navasana (00:00)

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Belly Breath vs Chest Breath (00:00)

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