Welcome to Yoga for Hip Replacement

Yoga for Hip Replacement is a specialized program crafted for individuals undergoing total hip replacement. Our platform provides on-demand yoga videos tailored to ensure the health and safety of your shiny new hip – the place to regain strength, flexibility, balance, and well-being.


Why Yoga for Hip Replacement?

Gentleness Meets Effectiveness:

Our yoga practices are crafted using low-impact and mindful movements that prioritize strength, stability, and flexibility for hip health.

Tailored for THR Recovery:

Every pose, movement sequence, and breathing practice is carefully chosen to support total hip replacement before and after surgery.

Pain-Free Progress:

Our program emphasizes the importance of pain-free movement, empowering you to rediscover your body’s potential with confidence.

Boost Your Mood & Energy:

Beyond physical benefits, yoga fosters inner peace and builds resilience to stress, enhancing your overall well-being during this transformative time.

Connect with Your Body:

Reconnect with your body in a mindful way, building a deeper understanding and appreciation for your remarkable new joint.

Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth (500 E-RYT, YACE), founder of Yoga for Hip Replacement, has practiced yoga since 1985 and has been a yoga teacher since 1997. Motivated by her own experience with two hip replacements, she founded Yoga for Hip Replacement as a resource for people preparing for and recovering from hip surgery. Her goal is to offer safe and accessible yoga practices that support the best hip outcome.

Her warm, understanding approach and personalized guidance create a safe and supportive environment for your THR journey.

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We’re offering a free video called “Yoga while healing from Total Hip Replacement Surgery: A safe post-op asana practice.” In the 6-12 weeks following surgery healing is your main job. But you may also be craving movement. This class will introduce you to Elizabeth who offers gentle movements that are appropriate for this important time of healing … or for anytime you are looking for a low key practice!

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We’re here to support you. Find your THR stride with gentle yoga, expert guidance,  and a community of understanding!

Here’s to healthy and happy hips!

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